Bank Negara Malaysia Scholarship Interview

Mar 28, 2011 - Dreamed by Kenx Leong at 8:45 PM

About the Interview

Stages: 3 Main stages. 1st – Group Discussion, 2nd – Essay Writing, 3rd – The Interview
Modules may vary

Stage 1: Group Discussion
Students are usually put into a group of 4 or 5.
Last year’s topic was: You are given a huge amount of budget. Please plan on how to build a Malaysian Landmark i.e. skyscrapers. Please minimize your budget. You must give your presentation on this.
Key things for this assessment:
  • Be moderate, don’t be bossy
  • Remain calm, but speak out loud and clear
  • Share your ideas during the group discussion, and don’t shut other ideas out
  • Take the chance to speak during the presentation
  • Give fresh ideas and opinions
  • Support your arguments with solid evidence (examples, ideas)

Stage 2: Essay writing
This is to test your proficiency of English and your ideas. They want to look at how you organize your thoughts.
  • Polish up on your grammar and writing skills
  • Be able to express ideas
  • Read a lot – Newspapers, books, etc.
  • If you have internet access, look for articles on economic and social issues
  • Find out about a few economic terms such as Sub Prime, Deficit, IMF, GDP

Stage 3: Personal Interview
The questions posed will be related to Bank Negara or any economic issues and/or development. Be sure that the answer you give must relate back to Bank Negara. Questions can sound like: How can your contribution to school help achieve Bank Negara’s Vision? Or; what is Bank Negara’s role in economic development?
  • It’s important to know Bank Negara very well
  • Make sure you know your chosen course very well
  • Don’t make up any points
  • Be calm and always smile
  • Organise your thoughts properly
  • What matters most is how brilliant your content is, not how long you speak

Other things that might happen
Two years ago Bank Negara did Role Playing as a part of the interview process. They will give you a situation, and you will have to act as people in charge of the situation. So be prepared! (And Make sure not to fight for the roles!)

Some tips…
  • Be outspoken, and polite
  • Don’t be bossy
  • Show your confidence and be mature
  • Be unique, different, yet relevant when giving out ideas
  • Don’t be afraid to speak and give ideas
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